Come Play With Our Bitchin’ Squad In The Inaugural Yoga Bitch Instagram Challenge

Yoga Bitch is more than just a brand - we’re a tribe of bold and unapologetic women of all shapes, sizes, and colors, who believe that by connecting with other women we all grow stronger. That’s why this month, we’re sponsoring the inaugural #boldandunapologetic IG Yoga Challenge!

The #boldandunapologeticchallenge is an opportunity for all Yoga Bitches to have fun together while celebrating our strengths, mindfulness, and playfulness. Together, we’ll encourage Yogis at every stage to shine and show off what makes them #boldandunapologetic.

The Challenge takes place 2/17-2/21, with each day exploring a theme chosen by our inspiring group of hosts. At the conclusion, two winners will each score $50 worth of Yoga Bitch gear.

Read on to find out specifics and learn how to join.


Dates: Thursday, 2/17 - Monday, 2/21


Amiarie Backus, @handstandidaho

Anh Nguyen, @tidoanhyoga 

Celeste Nelson, @yogagirlstl

Holly Krystal, @heyhollykrystal

Inbar Bino, @inbarbino

Terri Eaton, @terrieaton

 Sponsored by: @yogabitchapparel


Day 1: Grounding Pose - Hold steady in your values

Day 2: Arm Balance - Embrace the hard stuff

Day 3: Inversion - See things from a different perspective

Day 4: Heart Opener - Be your own valentine

Day 5: Yogi’s Choice - Shine and show off your glow

Join the Challenge

  • Follow @yogabitchapparel and all hosts
  • Repost flyer and tag some friends to join in
  • Check hosts for daily inspiration
  • Post a pic or reel of yourself daily practicing a pose related to the theme
  • Be sure to include the hashtag: #boldandunapologeticchallenge & don’t forget to tag all hosts and @yogabitchapparel so we can see you
  • Share some love in the gallery
  • Have fun, be safe, and listen to your body. Modify poses as needed!
  • Make your profile public and list your country for prize allocation

    Don’t forget to follow Yoga Bitch and all hosts on Instagram for the latest news and be sure to check back here on the Blog for an upcoming feature on this bitchin’ squad. See you on the mat!

    Photo: Holly Krystal, Health and Movement Coach wearing the Flawless Sporty Bra Crop and Iconic Leggings by Yoga Bitch | IG @heyhollykrystal,