Bold and Unapologetic Women: Meet the Bitchin Squad Behind The #BoldandUnapologeticChallenge

On March 8, the world celebrated International Women’s Day. According to the official IWD website, the purpose of this day each year is to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. 

This resonates with us at Yoga Bitch in countless ways, including the values which are at the core of our mission to celebrate and support bold and unapologetic women with elevating their voices. 

This week, as part of our Bold and Unapologetic blog series, we’re spotlighting four of the bitchin’ hosts of our recent #boldandunapologeticchallenge Instagram Yoga Challenge: Anh Nyugen, Instagram @tidoanhyogaCeleste Nelson, Instagram @yogagirlstlInbar Bino, Instagram @yogawithinbar, and Terri Eaton, Instagram @terrieaton.                

While unable to contribute to this blog, the Challenge wouldn’t have been the same without Amiarie Backus, Instagram @handstandidaho , and Holly Krystal, Instagram @heyhollykrystal, our Bitchin’ Squad leaders who were unable to be part of this week’s blog.

In pics: @tidoanhyoga@yogagirlstl@yogawithinbar@terrieaton@handstandidaho@heyhollykrystal

Jumping right in, we asked our Challenge Leaders to describe in their own words what it means to be bold and unapologetic:

Celeste: To be bold and unapologetic is to be comfortable in your skin and unwilling to change yourself to fit a mold.

Inbar: To be bold and unapologetic is a statement that, as women, we are here and we are strong. We can do whatever the F**k  we want - we can be Mamas, we can have a career, and continue to love ourselves. All with a smile on our face.

Anh: Each person is an individual with a unique collection of thoughts and experiences. Being true to ourselves and not altering it to fit in or gain approval is what being Bold and Unapologetic means. It's so difficult sometimes to continue on one's own path when there is so much pressure to join the herd or acquiesce to the norm or to what is expected. If you follow my ig feed, you will see I often use the tag #justbe. It's about simply existing...without pretense or judgment, being genuine and real.

Terri: It means honoring my body, mind, and soul, and expressing that however I wish. Regardless of whether that fits the judgement or ideals of others. 

What are some of your core truths/values:

Anh: I value authenticity and loyalty. Being real and genuine, being true to self and others can be difficult to find in people when there is such a push for the perfect image, to be accepted.

Celeste: I’m always trying to be better.

Inbar: Be compassionate and respectful to everyone even if they don’t do so. Being mentally stable is the most important thing; everything else comes second.

TerriI’ve worked quite hard to be honest with myself, and will only accept total honesty in my life as anything less literally hurts. 

Which small, simple things bring you joy?

Anh: My happiness is based on the simple things like waking up and being alive each day, having good health, being with my family, feeding the birds, feeling the warmth of the sun …life is complicated enough without having crazy unrealistic expectations. We call things simple but they are quite grand and magnificent if we take the time to appreciate. It’s in the small stuff that I find the most awe and peace.

What adversity have you experienced, and in hindsight, are grateful for? 

Celeste: I was never the “cool” girl in high school, or in college. I spent a lot of time alone or trying to win the favor of people who didn’t value me. I’m grateful for having those experiences now because it’s taught me to respect myself. No one is going to truly have my back but me. I might be more guarded with people now than I was back then, which I don’t see as a negative. I have to protect my energy.  

Inbar: In February 2021, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes; an autoimmune disease which has changed the course of my life. I used to work as a Flight Attendant, and between the impacts of COVID and deciding to prioritize my own health and wellness, I’ve since become a Yoga Teacher. Today I'm still adjusting to life with T1D and my yoga practice continues to help me find my center and my balance. These days I'm really passionate about my yoga teaching. I never would have imagined how rewarding it is to teach. 

Terri:  I’ve been pretty ill for most of my life, which led to ten surgeries and more pain than I can describe. Endometriosis affected my whole life. I’m doing pretty damn well at the moment but I have some limitations. 

How does your yoga practice help you hold tight to your core truths?

Celeste: My yoga practice helps me with being patient with myself, because progress is never linear. I can find a relationship between how my body moves on a certain day and where my mind is. If I fall out of a shape, I get back into it. I try to carry that same value into my daily life. If something doesn’t work out, I can try it again but tweak my entry to the problem at hand, or take a step back and look at what my intention truly is. Daily practice helps with maintaining this mindset. 

Terri: It has taught me that I’m stronger than I thought I was, and, [to recognize] that I like myself way more than I thought I did. I started taking yoga classes in October 2020, and I’d never have expected me to be doing all this.

Lastly, we want to recognize all of you who showed out for the inaugural Challenge. Your energy and poses were incredible and we can’t wait to do it again!

And the winner is….@omwithmelissa and @edna_nutri !

Be sure to follow all of these fierce women along with us on instagram @yogabitchapparel and check back here for the next installment of our Bold and Unapologetic Women series.